DSCN5572-0011If you are already here, I suppose you are looking for support, help and you would like to experience relief from what troubles you.

I help people regain or start a more fulfilling life, I accompany them in their life struggles. These may be relationship problems, psychosomatic diseases, neuroses, depression, loss of inner strength, excessive anxiety, self destructive behaviors, disrupting thoughts, internal uneasiness, post-traumatic stress, eating disorders, and a wide range of other problems.

I work with my patients to identify and resolve unhelpful patterns they repeat in their lives.
Understanding unconscious motives that lay behind your actions can alleviate pain and may be the beginning of a new kind of freedom, both from symptoms, and from internal obstacles standing on the way to a better life.

I do my best to provide helpful and secure environment for my patients to feel free to share whatever is on their mind.

Consulting room in Warsaw:

I conduct long term psychotherapy, counseling, and short term emergency service for adults.

Feel invited to my consulting room in Warsaw. Ul. Śląska, Włochy district.

Counselor, Psychologist, Psychotherapy in Warsaw

skype: helpisathand24
email: agnieszka.guzowska@adiuta.xyz
tel: +48 509 813 384 (Poland)
www: http://adiuta.xyz/ | http://help-is-at-hand.com/
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